My Summer Travels: Marrakech


I never imagined that Morocco could be as dreamy as it has been for me. It is a complete different place I have ever experienced compare to Hong Kong or London.

It was a 4day trip and I stayed in the heart of Medina, a 5 minute walk from the square, you might expect that the bells for prayers would be very loud but surprisingly, I didn’t hear much of it at where i stayed. It was about 38ºC during the day, a very dry heat, still bearable but I would still recommend you to stay in the shades from noon onwards till 5 in the evening (Good time to go around the souks and less people)



The souks are full of surprises and secrets, but be sure to bargain, if the price they have offer is still not ideal, you can always walk away as there will be more similar shops. I bought some small leather goods, Moroccan oil, musk and a large Berber carpet myself, and made a good bargain from it (photo at the end).

I went out to a day trip to Ouarzazte (roughly 4-5 hour drive from marrakech) and Aït Benhaddou on one of the days. It’s listed as a world heritage site where The Mummy, Gladiator, Alexander, Kingdom of Heaven, Prince of Persia… has been filmed here.
Tagine:  A new love i have discovered during this trip! I highly recommend the couscous, vegetable tagine, chicken tagine here.
Ben Youssef Medrassa, La Jardin Majorelle
Les tanneries de Marrakech (Dar D’Bagh)
Palais Bahia
P1020023 P1020069
Marrakech Museum, Saadian Tombs
Night Market at the Medina Square
If you want to explore Morocco for yourself, my advice is this:
Fly to Marrakech. Spend a few days exploring the souks, lounge by the pool and drink their amazing fresh orange juice.
Then make the treck to Ouzazate, I think it’s about a 5 hour drive.
Spend a few days here & in the surrounding towns.
Eat in local restaurants, and in the night market.
Only drink bottled water and never order ice.
Make sure to hydrate yourself every 2 or 3 hours.
Try and respect local customs & don’t show a lot of skin. Maxi dresses are ideal.
Enjoy yourself and forget your worries in this magical city!
I am defo coming back to Marrakech next time and will include a trip to Chefchaouen.
Here’s the Bereber carpet I have bought and it still smells after putting it out in the sun
That’s it for now! Hope you guys enjoyed my first post!

Until Next Time
Yours Truly
Tiff x

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