Recently,without knowing how cold it was, me and my friend booked a spontaneous trip to Berlin. Both of us know it was going to be colder than England but not as cold as it was expected to be.

Winter in Berlin is truly beautiful but still freezing! We couldn’t feel our toes and fingers and ended up buying another pair of gloves each.

The first day we went it was already -13, however it got warmer the next day. (but still cold)

My favourite place was the zoo! There are polar bears, bats, lions, giraffes, leopards, penguins…. we spent a couple of hours in there and we love going indoors to hide away from the cold and to see the animals. I want to kidnap this little fella home:

We also saw the lion/tiger/leopard feeding, and i felt like being a kid again following the zoo keeper as he goes around cage by cage to feed them. I have to say lions are rather impatient, it was roaring at the zoo keeper hoping it can get food first.


It was snowing on our last day as well! First snow of 2014!

CHOCOLATE TIME! these are the best chocolate: Ritta Sports, and they have so many different flavours! I am more of a dark chocolate person, but their flavours are truly irresistible! Cookies and Cream, Caramel Crunch, Espresso, Praline….I really wished I bought more 😦

This trip was really on eat eat and eat! We went to see majority of the tourist attraction and also had curry wurt everyday, even though it is more of a street food thing, but it was so satisfying having it. (maybe it was the cold)

In comparison, I much prefer Florence, because of the food and the passion of people. However, Berlin is the place for design inspirations and modern art. I would come back sometime to Berlin, but it will be a time in Summer or Autumn when my fingers and toes won’t be numb all day.

Yours Truly,



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