Fitness Progress

Just a quick update, I’m still struggling with my eating habits and eating clean as I have been more on snacking on popcorn. But I still try to go to the gym whenever I can or work out at home and it has becoming more of a habit/routine. I also feel happier and have more energy to go through my day 😉 On my rest days, which is also my cheat day when I would have pizza and burgers, more like a meat day I would say. This is my progress so far and I’m trying to keep it up, and until I eat cleaner, i still have a layer of fat over it.


Here are my two bargain buys I have found lately: pomegranate and dragon fruit! two of my favourite fruits. I can actually just eat fruits the whole day, but they are so expensive to buy 😦 Dragon Fruit is rather low in sugar too, which is a fruit I can indulge upon after 4 in the afternoon.

IMG_1160 IMG_1188

What I have been cooking lately:
Porridge Oats with Soy Milk
Tuna, Egg White Omelette du fromage
Fried Cauliflower Rice with carrots and edamame
Buckwheat noodles with Soba Sauce
Rice Cake with Chilli Sauce
Vietnam Salad (vegetarian)

Dragon Fruit, Tangerines, Popcorn, Chocolate, Apples, Pomegranate, the occasion nutrient bars and my favourite sweet potato fries (sometimes with truffle mayo)


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