Fitness Progress #2

Just a quick update on my fitness and the making of abs. ( I have loss some tone after my Budapest trip)

Photo 12-04-2014 03 19 41 pm

left: was in feb. right: now.

It hasn’t really been consistent  with my eating, like eating clean because I was on holiday in Budapest in late march and I indulged myself with food. However, I did keep a consistent with working out. I try and go to the gym 6 times a week and give myself a rest day. If I didn’t have enough time at the gym, I would work out at home. I have also started drinking protein shakes, and taking CLA and green tea extract to give me the extra boost in getting toned.

 Photo 12-04-2014 03 10 21 pmPhoto 12-04-2014 03 10 58 pm

ProteinWorks: Diet Whey Isolate 97, Caramel Macchiato

Pulsin: Soya Protein Isolate

MyVitamins: Total CLA, Total Green Tea Extract

The reason I drink two different protein is because the Soy one has no other ingredients apart from soy protein isolate, whereas the proteinworks one has sweetener in it. Sometimes I would add them to my porridge and pancakes for that boost of protein.

I’m still not sure if the CLA and green tea extract will work or not as I have only taken them for a day. The CLA is meant to help encourage the body to transform stores of fat into usable energy, hence reducing total fat stores and firms your body quicker. The Green Tea Extract has antioxidant properties and can help rid the body of harmful free radicals. Reducing free radical activity can have an positive effect on healthy ageing, immune function and other important bodily functions. I will have to give it a week to see if they have any impact or results.

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Yours Truly, 

tiff x


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